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TheraFlow Enhanced Dual Foot Massager

The enhanced dual foot massager suitable for high arches, heel pain and plantar fasciitis

Introducing the Theraflow Enhanced Dual Foot Massager

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

I have flat feet which contributes to the pain of standing for hours at a time all day which causes my feet to ache. The pain has been getting unbearable to the bone that light massages usually help at the end of the day. This did help at a pretty nice degree with the pain and it’s cheaper to get this to massage my feet compared to hiring a professional. Also, it beats doing it myself although that wasn’t hard itself but I also wouldn’t be able to multitask on the computer and massaging my feet. Thankfully on occasion I can just rub my feet and it’ll feel better while I can still be productive. In addition, this also looks pretty nice and stylish, especially for my wooden floor. It does smell like a brand new wooden chess piece for a while but hasn’t smelled like so recently. Overall, it’s a great way to give a little pressure on certain bones for relief of standing. I’m happy to do work while being able to massage my feet.


This foot massager is great. I had an electric foot massager before but this wooden one works better. The problem with my electric one was I couldn't put pressure on it. If I put pressure on it. It would slow down a stop working. This one is great because it can put as much pressure as I want on it. This foot massager feel so good especially the knots at the end. The foot massager is entirely wood constructed. The arch design enable for maxim efficiency. Has anti-slip padding on the bottom. No problem with it on carpet. I use it everyday while watching TV and on my desk chair. Love it!