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TheraFlow Enhanced Dual Foot Acupressure Foot Massager

The new extra large model with 2 rows of acupressure rollers & enhanced arched design suitable for better foot health and blood circulation

Introducing the Theraflow Enhanced Dual Foot Acupressure Foot Massager

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See What Our Customers Have to Say

This is amazing! I really love this foot massager. It is so easy to glide your feet back and forth over the relaxing little knobs and massaging tips. It rolls smoothly and does a great job on my feet. I love the convenience it provides as far as being a hands free foot massager. It feels really good too. It is not a super deep penetrating massage but it does rub my feet fairly hard without being over the top. It definitely increases circulation to my feet as well which is good since I sit a lot for my job. Now I can use this great product as I am sitting and working. It does have slip proof strips on the bottom to help hold the unit in place. Even on my tiles floors it does not shift or slide at all. Excellent product. Very worth it. Relaxing and enjoyable plus super well made.


I've been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several months now. I'm rolling a bottle on my foot before bed and when I get up, I bought new Vionic shoes, and took anti-inflammatories. None of those helped. Epsom salt compresses helped for a few days. When this package arrived, I was outside limping around so I tried out the massager immediately. Within 5 minutes my foot felt immensely better, the pain was almost gone. The booklet says to take it easy the first few days with the massager until your feet get used to it, but I've been rolling my feet with a bottle, so I just go to town massaging my arches. My feet have not hurt since I received my TheraFlow 3 days ago. I won't say my plantar fasciitis is gone but I am so happy with the purchase, I may just buy an extra one to keep around in case anyone I know develops foot pain. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone experiencing foot pain. Give it a solid week of massaging twice a day and I would bet money you'll feel better.